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Thursday, October 18th, 2018 03:35 AM

i5 Summit 2018, Day 2

i5 Summit 2018, Day 2

The last two days at IIM Indore were exciting, enthusiastic and full of innovative ideas – i5 Summit, Central India’s largest Entrepreneurship Summit, was conducted here. Organized by IIM Indore and IIT Indore, the Summit saw a footfall of more than 3000, with 13 startups presenting their ideas to investors. The second day of the Summit began with the flagship event GetFunded, which provided a platform to budding entrepreneurs to present their ideas to angel investors and also learn from their experiences.

Rove is an on-demand, all electric car rental at affordable prices for daily usage. MyPerfectice is a one-stop shop to measure and improve cognitive, core engineering and programming skills. PawshBox is a customizable subscription service for all pet needs. The Summit facilitated further discussion in Chai Pe Charcha as investors showed keen interest and engaged in deeper conversation with startups.

The first talk of the Speaker Series was by Mr. Subrata Mitra – Partner, Accel Partners. He shared his views on challenges in startups, sustainability, profitable problem statement identification and the need to be passionate about it. “Following the herd will generally not get you what you want. Go looking for problems that goliaths will not go looking for. The entire B2B landscape in India is waiting to be disrupted.”

The second half of the day also witnessed speakers, Mr. Balaji Vishwanathan – CEO, Invento Robotics and Mr. Girish Vanvari – Founder, Transaction Square. Balaji Vishwanathan shared his views on automation and the rate at which robotics is gaining ground the world over. He believes “Two years from now, we would be talking to a robot to get advice on how our funds should be managed.” After that, Girish Vanvari addressed the audience. He stressed on the importance of excellence. “Pursue excellence in whatever you do”, he quipped. He advised the participants to listen to and believe in their inner voice. After their speeches, there was a Q&A session where they answered questions put up by the audience.

The two-day event concluded with a closing talk by Mr. Stefan Haves – Worldwide Director, Cirque (Theatre and Cinema). He mesmerized the audience with his charm and acting skills. He owned the stage and enthralled the audience throughout. He talked on a myriad of topics such as different cultures, personalities, virtual and physical realities and about the current generation as he highlighted how he enjoys the spirit of India. “The difference between robots and humans is that humans can breathe.” He got a standing ovation from the audience.
The i5 Summit came to an end with all the participants enriched and inspired.


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