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Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 07:14 PM

UDAAN 2018: ‘Run for Environment Safety’

UDAAN 2018: ‘Run for Environment Safety’

Having been organised by the students of IIM Indore for a decade, UDAAN is here again in pursuit of its motive to marry pressing social issues with a thrilling marathon. The theme for the 11th edition of UDAAN is ‘Run for Environment Safety’. In India where, out of the 20 most populated cities of the world, 13 make home & 10.4 million hectares of tropical forest area vanishes every year, there it becomes of utmost importance that the junta of our homeland is aware of the gravitas and impact of Environmental concerns that are popping up their heads year per year. UDAAN is one such commendable exercise where every year army-men to athletes, senior citizen to young millenials, corporates to the commons, all enthusiastically run toward a better future.

Last year the turnout of participants was 3000 and is expected to increase this edition. The marathon is divided into 3 phases wherein the largest track runs from IIM-I to Dussehra Maidan (21 kms), then from Dussehra from IIM-I (11kms) and the smallest one being within IIM campus only (3kms) for the insider community only. UDAAN 2018 will be organised on the 2nd of October wherein the participants will not just be given a platform to be the voice of social change but also win attractive cash prizes running in thousands, up for the grabs.
Registrations for all the three phases have started and can be done on


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