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Thursday, October 18th, 2018 05:50 AM

Watch State Minister Kavi Dr. Sunil Jogi and Raj Mahajan’s poem Betiyaan


State Minister Kavi Dr. Sunil Jogi penned a poem in sync to the ‘Beti Bachao – Beti Padaaao’ campain of Indian Government ‘ conceptualized and produced in video format by Music Director Raj Mahajan which is an innovation in poesy.

The daughters are the greatest blessing of God. Moxx Music Company has released “Betiyaan – Sabse Badaa Vardaan” dedicated to the daughters wordwide. This videos showcases different shadows of daughters. Padamshri Kavi. Dr. Sunil Jogi has written and performed in this video. Raj Mahajan has added soulful music to the poem-video.

We all know that daughters are not less than sons in any aspect. And, knowing this fact, we discriminate with daughters. Just speaking about the fact will not change the circumstances. We need to initiate and step forward to drive the changes. ‘Save Girl Child’ is an important issue and Govt. is seriously working on it. But, we also need to be in action at personal level to bring the changes in effect.

Kavi Dr Sunil Jogi & Raj Mahajan

And, Raj Mahajan has worked on it on his personal level with the support of Kavi Dr. Sunil Jogi. He produced a poem-video to spread the message of Modi Government keeping in mind the discrimination with daughters in India.

Raj Mahajan is known for his innovations in the field of media and music production. You must have seen many music-videos, but watching this poem video will be a different experience. Presentation of a poem in this unique way is an idea of Raj Mahajan. Dr. Jogi has penned the poem using effective words. This video uses relevant slides with the messages of the poem in the background. The poem-video has been flavored with music by Raj Mahajan.

Recently, Raj Mahajan and Dr. Sunil Jogi went live through Facebook and interacted with their fans. They talked about this poem-video with their fans. Presentation of such a sensitive subject in such a beautiful and effective way is a matter of appreciation. According to sources, musician Raj Mahajan and Kavi Sunil Jogi are going to produce a song together. Obviously, Dr. Sunil Jogi and Raj Mahajan are going to sing in this comedy song. You may see Raj and Sunil sharing stage in future.

Raj Mahajan & Sunil Jogi

Raj says, “Being a Creative Music Director, I keep doing experiments. I wanted to work towards the upliftment of Hindi language. And, I wanted to do something new for it. When I met ‘Jogi Jee’ , we discussed about it which further resulted this poem-video. I tried to improve the presentation of traditional poesy by producing poem-video. I have been receiving compliments from my poet friends.”

Sunil Jogi says, “I have sympathy for the condition of daughters in rural India. When I narrated this poem to ‘Raj Bhai’ in a personal meeting, he decided to produce a video of the poem to spread the word. I wrote the poem and he produced a video for it. I am getting lots of love from my audiences. I think that this effort will set a milestone in poesy.”

Kavi Dr Sunil Jogi & Raj Mahajan

Raj Mahajan says, “I also have a daughter named Saumya. You can see her and Sunil Jogi’s pictures in the background of the video. Hence, I have personal attachment with this poem-video. Due to some reason, I am living away from her. I am very close to her. This poem video is dedicated to her. Daughters are not less than anybody. They are progressive in every field. I feel proud that a daughter is born in my home. We have tried to eradicate the evils from the society through this video. Here, I would like to say that if any part of the video is adopted or followed by anybody, I will find this video successful.”

Sunil Jogi says, “Daughters are victim of exploitation. Incidents of rape, domestic violence are common in society. We want to change the distorted mentality of the people through this video. Our message is ‘Daughters are not problem, but the solutions to the problem’. Presenting, this video in such an innovative way is exciting for me. I have dedicated this poem to my daughter.”

Raj Mahajan is a  known name in music industry of Dollywood, who achieved this success after a hard struggle. He was passionate learner of music since his childhood. He has given platform to many struggling artists through his music company. He has proved himself as a godfather for the budding artists.

Sunil Jogi is a very famous name in the world of literature. He is state minister in the current government of Uttar Pradesh. He has been appointed as Chairperson of Hindustan Academy by UP Govt. He has been awarded with Padmashri by Govt. of India for his contribution in literature and Yash Bharti by Govt. of Uttar Pradesh.

Such initiatives will surely bring the positive changes in the society and will contribute for a better tomorrow. This poem-video is now available as audio and video on itunes, saavn, gaana, soundcloud, spotify, deezer, mobile tunes, hungama and 250 music site and video sites. Below is the YouTube link to watch the poem-video :

Watch the video:


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