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Wednesday, December 13th, 2017 08:55 PM

10 Most Fascinating and Unique Currency of 10 Different Countries!

10 Most Fascinating and Unique Currency of 10 Different Countries!Photo & VideoWorld


Indian Notes and Currency are well known to every individual. Indian currency when changed after demonetization are still wowed by everyone and familiar to all. But various countries like India have their own individual set of currency notes which are worth watching. Beautifully crafted in various designs with encrypted detailing check out these ten best currency notes of various nations:

1.China – Renminbi (Currency) as shown in cover image.

2.Fiji – Fijian Dollar (Currency)

3.Hong Kong Dollar (Currency)

4.Egypt – Egyptian Pound (Currency)

5.Bermuda – Bermudian Dollar (Currency)

6.Brunei Dollar (Currency)

7.Oman – Omani Rial (Currency)

8.Israel – Israeli new Shekel (Currency)

9.Romania – Romanian Leu (Currency)

10.Solomon Island Dollar (Currency)


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