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Sunday, December 17th, 2017 01:21 PM

A Fairy tale love story of Suresh Raina and Priyanka



The boy whose journey if we see is so much of struggle and hard working his journey started from UP hostels and he is in Five Star hotels.   The train going to Agra  Suresh Riana was sleeping on a newspaper spread on the floor, wearing his pad, chest-guard, and thigh pad as protection on that chilly. The hostel days, the small-town fears of acceptance, language problems, and his childhood spent in hostel away from the love of parent’s desire and responsibility to help his family tide over financial problems has made what he is today.

His most memorable cricketing movements

raina 7

That 2011 World Cup quarterfinal knock against Australia, a thrilling cameo of 34 under immense pressure and a partnership with Yuvraj Singh that lifted India from 187 for 5 in 37.3 overs to a victory with two overs to spare. It’s best to hear the on-field chatter between Raina and Yuvraj in his own words. “Yuvi paji said, ‘sambhal key khelna, out ho gaya toh khatam ha iand Suresh Raina replied, don’t worry, I won’t get out. “Yadi main out ho gaya toh, yeh mera last match hoga and then yuvraj commented that “Sirf tera nahi saale, mera bhi last match hoga!”

But in life some days should forget and some should captured in memories It was a different Raina who came back to hostel two months after quitting. He had decided to channelise anger into improving his cricket.

ipl raina

Than a turning point came in his life. A call came from Mumbai to play cricket for Air India — an event that he credits as UP mey rehta toh bas khatam ho jaata, chote mote games khelte hue.” At Air India, Pravin Amre encouraged him a lot and things began to flow. Not only had this but IPL matches too changed his life He had lost some precious months recuperating from a knee surgery. But he really played well in IPL matches.

who  could imagine that five minutes of meeting on airport change their life

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This time to meet his better half Priyanka Chaudhary , an IT professional in a bank in Amsterdam. The journey goes like. Although the couple knew themselves since their childhood days. But their friendship takes off to the end to their marriage. As they met on Delhi airport for just five minutes that five minutes meeting changed their whole journey to life .Suresh Raina Said that “ I remember the meeting her at the airport for five minutes in 2008. She was flying back to Holland and I was going to Bangalore for an IPL game, and we met at the Delhi airport for just five minutes. Usse pehle main usse bachpan mein mila tha. Priyanka’s father was my sports teacher in Ghaziabad and my mom was very close to her mother. I’ll call it more of an arranged marriage because our families have known each other for a long time.”

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And Raina’s wedding fixed  while he was away in Australia for four months, for the cricket world cup. His mother arranged the whole thing with Priyanka’s family. Upon that Raina said that “I was in Australia for the last five months. Mamma ne sab fix kiya hai. I didn’t know. Mom called me in Australia and told me that my marriage has been fixed with one of my childhood friends. Maine kaha kaun hai. Then I spoke to Priyanka on the phone.” These all we can say depends upon a destiny that how far people live if they have to come together  god creates a way to meet them for a life long journey.

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Here Raina’s parents became a well-wisher that they bought – up these two childhood friends together we have heard it rare that childhood friends got married but in Raina’s case it’s something different I guess.  Like others they have also even not imagine that in life they both meet again and tie a knot.

raina 2

But now they both are blessed with a baby girl Gracia and they are living happily. It’s a perfect fairy tale story.





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