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Friday, May 25th, 2018 01:07 AM


There are many around who suffer from disorders and start feeling low. They leave all their lives and happiness and stop fighting it. They sit back and curse their disorder. But there are some people who fight their lives and achieve heights even in such conditions. They are the original stars of the world and an inspiration, that nothing can stop people who has a strength of fulfilling their dreams. Today we’ll be talking about such a person who fought all his drawbacks and became a successful and first wheel chair bodybuilder from India. The name of such a great inspiration is Anand Arnold.




Anand found his callings for bodybuilding when he was only 13 and won his first title in the same year. But two years later when he was diagnosed with life threatening cancer, he had to undergo a surgical treatment to save his life which sadly left his body paralyzed down his neck with only some mobility in hands. With God’s grace he has his wonderful family who stood by him when his tides were harsh and gave all their support.

Being passionate for Body building, Anand decided that he will not let his disease overpower him and he started his training yet again within the confinement of his wheelchair only. Sadly, He was already very weakened by his treatment to an extent that even chances of him ever standing straight were negligible.




However, Anand lived his life on fire of indomitable grit and he soon became ‘India’s First Wheelchair Bodybuilder’. No sooner than this, his laurels went on counting uncontrollably and today he has 3 Mr. India titles, 12 Mr. Punjab titles and 27 other major titles under his name.

In the world where people with all the abilities fail to achieve till their potential, Anand turns out to be a great inspiration. The one who live their dreams to the fullest will surely get success and Anand is an example to this.

Youthens News salutes him for his courage and wish him more success.





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