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Thursday, December 14th, 2017 10:02 AM

Ex-Thai PM Found Guilty, Sentenced to Five Years in Prison

Ex-Thai PM Found Guilty, Sentenced to Five Years in PrisonWorld


The case was registered against the ex-PM Yingluck Shinawatra on the basis of money-losing rice subsidy scheme, the verdict was delivered after she fled the country. The verdict was supposed to be delivered on 25 August, but it was a surprise for everyone to know that Yingluck did not show up.

When asked by the court her lawyer said she was unable to come because of an ear problem, the court later rejected the excuse and delayed the verdict and issued an arrest warrant. Plus border checks was increased by the order of The junta chief, Prayuth Chan-Ocha.

In 2014 the elected government of Yingluck was overthrown by the army generals who still control the kingdom, on 7th may 2014 the constitutional court found her guilty on the charge of abuse of power. before the final verdict, Yingluck fled the country, according to the reports she fled to Cambodia and flew via Singapore to Dubai since the fled she has not made any public comments.

Many people believe that she must be in London where her family owns a residence, moreover, she must have received help from several police officers. Three police officers have been detained for questioning, including a police colonel who worked in eastern Thailand.

Right before the verdict, Prayuth said he knows the location on Yingluck but will not tell until the verdict, after the weekly cabinet meeting he told the reporters “I know, but I won’t say yet, I’ll tell you where she is after 27 September, I have spied.” Many people assume that if Yingluck is put behind the bars, the situation might get out of control as it will resurgence the anger from her poor, rural base.

The Rice subsidy scheme was seen by Yingluck, as she was paying twice the market rate to the farmers, and handling millions of dollars worth money to her voters. According to the government, she has created mountains of unsold rotten rice worth more than 6 billion pounds which is a big loss.

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