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Fashion industry : Many different fashion careers

Fashion industry : Many different fashion careersEducation & Career


Fashion industry means all the individuals & business that design, produce, & market the things that we wear including, shoes, accessories etc. Before any one of these items can reach a store, it has to go through a lengthy creation process,  that involves many different fashion careers.

There are number of different careers in fashion with the appropriate education & experience, a person can be a photographer, a designer, a stylist or another similar type of fashion professional. Despite of the job, these are some other qualities, that every fashion professional should love to carry out the design, marketing and  production that are necessary in the industry.

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People attract towards fashion career because of the desire to be creative or to stay up to date with the largest trends. Another thing that draws attention towards this field is the fact that skills can be wed, not only to make a garment but also to create the accessories.

What kind of work can be done by having a degree or diploma in fashion designing. The fashion and textile industry has always recruited graduates for designer and production manager roles. The type of career graduates recruited can be divided into following categories-

i) Design and product development : Wing creative and technical skills to initiate new designer, textile designer.

ii) Business and management : Managing the processes between product initiation and supply of goods to the customers production manager, retail buyers, merchandiser.

iii) Technology : Using special technical knowledge to support the design and production process clothing or textile technologies.

iv) Associated Careers : There are many associated fashion and textile careers, their focus is on fashion and textile but they originate from other industries such as- Journalism, media, photography and teaching. To about the skills needed in this field click next page-



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