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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 03:49 PM

Fried Chicken pants – Gibbous Game of fashion or firing the fad!

Fried Chicken pants – Gibbous Game of fashion or firing the fad!Fashion


Recently fashion week came to end in Europe and the stylish elite is having all their eyes for next shows themes and clues. Apparently, the fried chicken pants posted by Japanese can be of great help to them. The hot chic pants looking like fried chicken is wrought by Japan’s store Rakuten on e-commerce sites.
A Twitter user shared an image of pants that’s going viral among all for its fried chicken like appearance. Been sold at Japan’s e-commerce sites this pant cost for $82 only from Rakuten stores. They are made up of crepe like materials these pants have the cinch at the ankles.

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Twitter user k_kazu_magi came across the delectable-looking orange trousers and decided to post about them, much to the delight of the 60,000 people who ‘liked’ it.
‘All I can think about when I look at these pants… is KFC,’ k_kazu_magi wrote.

These pants are available at Rakuten stores for 9,200 yen i.e. approximately $82. The original twitter post has been retweeted 53,000 and liked 64,000 times. ‘I tried not to laugh but I can’t stop staring at the chicken legs,’ one tweeter remarked enthusiastically.

Many users posted tweets regarding this fried chicken pants.

The trousers have become an ongoing meme, with everything from chicken rubber chew toys for dogs to carrots being posted in relation to the fashion item.

Look at those pants and think about some great fashion adventures you want to invest in friends..!




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