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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 04:23 PM

It’s not just BEARD but BEARDful ART!!

It’s not just BEARD but BEARDful ART!!FashionPhoto & Video


No Shave November is too small, when it comes to flaunting love for beard there are gentlemen for whom life is all about classy beards. And for such mettle’s “The World Beard and Moustache Championships” is probably the best thing ever happened to them. Launched in 1990, this competition is grooming and growing vivid among the fad for people crazy about hybridizing facial hairs into various shapes & style.

Poignant portraits captured perfectly by Photographer Greg Anderson drives you crazy about wildest entries found. Have a chic chap look at it & dare to style yourself in a very way.

#1: From top to tip it’s just Perfect.


#2: Oh so variety of images one can spot through those angles of hair strands.


#3: Octopus of beards, Pretty Cool:


#4: Musical Medoly for face:


#5: Like Pretzels…GROSS!!!


#6: Braid crafted in gold.


#7: What’s on the neck?? Wonder Wonder!


#8: Spheres of sophistication.


#9: So nesty…so hairy.


#10: Professionally gray, Pro in brown:

Unbelievably amazing ART!!





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