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Sunday, December 17th, 2017 05:47 PM

Pakistan Warns India against Surgical strike and Nuclear Installation

Pakistan Warns India against Surgical strike and Nuclear InstallationWorld


Pakistan’s foreign minister, Khawaja Mohammad Asif warns India against carrying the surgical strike or its nuclear installations that if anything like that happens then nobody should expect that Pakistan will restrain from one such activity.

India’s Air Chief, Marshal B S Dhanoa remarked on Wednesday 4th October 2017 that if India needed to carry out a surgical strike, his aircraft could target Pakistan’s nuclear installations and destroy them, reports Dawn news.

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The Foreign Minister while addressing a discussion at the US Institute of Peace here urged Indian leaders not to contemplate such actions it could have “dire consequences”. And in return to the remark by B S Dhanoa, on 5th October 2017, Thursday he said “Yesterday (Wednesday), the Indian air chief said we will hit, through another surgical strike, Pakistan’s nuclear installations. If that happens, nobody should expect restraint form us. That’s the most diplomatic language I can use,” Asif said.

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Asif further added that “relationship with India is at lowest ebb at the moment”. Responding to a question on India, he said, “sadly India did not respond” to Pakistani efforts to improve the relationship. “What is going on in Kashmir is the biggest roadblock to normalization to talks,” Asif said.




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