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Sunday, January 21st, 2018 11:43 AM

Putin’s 65th Bday bring him a gift of Protest – QUITE the job, say protesters

Putin’s 65th Bday bring him a gift of Protest – QUITE the job, say protestersWorld


Russia’s President Vladimir Putin on his 65th birthday, was gifted with massive protest from people across streets chanting only one slogan about him to QUITE the job.

In a challenge where people rallied across the streets on Saturday, a call to pressure authorities was been made by opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s to let him in the presidential race.
Rally of protest at Moscow and Putin’s hometown, St. Petersburg has been observed. Police allowed the crackdown to blow further at Moscow but had to disband at Putin’s hometown when people started to block the traffic and attempted to break through police cordons.

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A total of 80 arrests were reported during demonstrations in other regions across the country, including 18 in Yekaterinburg, 12 in Tula and 10 in Samara.

The rallies came as Navalny himself is serving a 20-day jail term for an earlier unsanctioned protest. In Moscow, several hundred protesters, most of them students, gathered on downtown Pushkinskaya Square, waving Russian flags and chanting “Russia will be free!” and “Let Navalny run!” Police warned them that the rally wasn’t sanctioned and urged them to disperse, but let the protest continue for hours without trying to break it up.
Mostly teenagers were observed all in fury state shouting “FUTURE WITHOUT PUTIN” and “PUTIN, GO AWAY”. One of the protesters Stepan Fesov said, “We battle for Russia to be free from Putinism. Because the power we have now is feudal, we have no freedom of speech, no freedom of choices.”

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Mr. Putin will apparently be spending his birthday at his desk. There are no plans for a celebration, his spokesman said. Instead, Mr. Putin expects a few phone calls from foreign leaders (Donald Trump isn’t one of them) and a meeting with members of his Security Council.




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