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Wednesday, January 17th, 2018 02:53 AM

RAAZ REBOOT: The legacy of horror continues and this time its too scarry

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Raaz Reboot, a horror flick and the fourth installment of the ‘Raaz’ franchise stars Emraan Hashmi, Gaurav Arora and débutante Kriti Kharbanda. Surprisingly, the movie directed by Vikram Bhatt and produced by Mukesh Bhatt, Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar is receiving positive responses from the audience around the world. ‘Raaz’ series has always been captivating with its uncanny concept and characters. And yet again, the Bhatts are back with a reboot of their successful franchise. The shooting of the film was done at Dracula’s Castle in Transylvania. The director has chosen deep, dark forests and other exotic locales of the country as the setting of this horror film.


A romantic suspense thriller, in which a couple Shaina (Kriti Kharbanda) and Rehaan (Gaurav Arora) shift to new secluded house in Romania where a spirit is already residing. Now the only thing is that the couple can’t move out. This is where Emraan Hashmi comes in. The film has all the icons you associate with the other world. The twist rests with the girl as she has some dark secrets. What is it that she hides? How does Emraan Hashmi enter their lives? The answers to these questions form the crux of the story. Emraan has delivered a top-notch performance and his fans will love this character in the film. KritiKharbanda acts well and looks stunning throughout the film  specially in the horror sequences. Gaurav Arora is fine with his role. But its hashmi who excels here with the impression of undisputed king of romantic- horror genre movies.

The music of raaz reboot has been composed by Jeet Gannguli and Sangeet, Sidharth Haldipur with a total of six songs in the album. For Jeet Gannguli, a little more versatility could have made this album a winner.


Lo Maan Liya  (Singer Arijit Singh, Music by  Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by Kausar Munir)

Jeet starts off the album with a song that evokes memories of Bhatt songs that have been entertaining us for the last two decades. The haunting feel of the song flees away in the part, and a sweet and lovable tune sets in, until the hook line comes back. However, the star of the song has to be the singer this time. It’s a perfect song to sing when you’re mad at someone and want to taunt them or vice versa.

Raaz Aankhein Teri (Singer  Arijit Singh ,Music  Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by Rashmi-Virag)

The title song comes up next, with the composer going to new lengths and making this composition worth listening on loop. This song perfectly blends together the horror and romance in the movie. Though not as hooking and gripping as ‘Lo Maan Liya’, it still manages to grab your attention, and there is nothing missing as such in the composition. The arrangements are not extraordinary, yet appeal to the listener. Arijit sings this one with a more hoarse throat, probably to get that horrorific expression in the song. He sings this one with just as prowess as he did the first, though both songs are composed with different tones altogether.


O Meri Jaan (Singer  K.K, Music by  Sangeet-Siddharth Haldipur, Lyrics by  Kausar Munir)

Here come guest composers Sangeet-Siddharth with their only song on the soundtrack. The song starts off in a very heavenly, blissful way with flutes luring the listener in. The flutes are so beautiful, that you expect nothing but a wonderful song to ensue. Unfortunately, things don’t turn out quite so good. The composers try to concoct a composition that would enforce listeners to hear it repeatedly on loop, but fail miserably because of the pitiful commonplace treatment.

Yaad Hai Na  (Singers  Arijit Singh / Jubin Nautiyal, Music by  Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by  Kausar Munir)

Now this song is something very, very innovative from the composer. Being the last original song on the album, it definitely wins the race in being the best song of the album right away. Once you hear the composition, you would never forget it for quite some time. Arijit himself excels in the song, and though it is his third song in the very same album.

Hummein Tummein Jo Tha (Singers  Papon & Palak Muchhal, Music by  Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by Rashmi-Virag)

The next song is a short reprise of the title track; this time meant as an aftermath-of-separation song. The composition is exactly the same as the title track, which was very impressive, keeping the horror theme in mind. Here too, it suits as a judaai song, but other things aren’t in place here. This time, Arijit is replaced by Papon, who sings the melody with emotion, but just doesn’t suit here as much as Arijit did in the original.

The Sound Of Raaz (Singer  Jubin Nautiyal, Music by  Jeet Gannguli, Lyrics by  Rashmi-Virag)

The album ends with a song perfectly suiting the horror theme of the movie. This song is also a reprise of the title track, and it takes the mukhda of the song in a very slow pace, making it suit the horror theme even more. The arrangements are nothing but haunting sounds like the wind blowing very creepily.

Raaz Reboot surprisingly turns out to be an album which doesn’t bore even though it follows the typical clichés of a Bhatt album. All in all, the album is enjoyable and cherishable, and not just something to be used for publicity, as it would live on longer than that.

One can watch this for the undisputed king of romantic-horror genre movies Emraan and the  legacy of horror carried forward by the Bhatts. This one is all the more scarier with reloaded romance pretty much better than the previous installments.



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