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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017 08:05 PM

I wear Hijab Every day – A Model breaking fashion Norms.

I wear Hijab Every day – A Model breaking fashion Norms.FashionPhoto & Video


Fashion model and a former refugee Halima Aden is breaking all the barriers and boundaries in the fashion world by gracing magazine covers and runway with her elegant aura all dressed up in Hijab.

Just 19, this Somali-American teen made headlines for all high profile pageants as the first Hijab and Burkini-sporting contestant in the history.

Roughly a year ago Adam called Denise Wallace, executive co-director of the Miss Minnesota USA pageant, asking her if she could charm the runway in Hijab.

One bold and gallant decision of Adan catapulted her career to new heights including her name as the first ever model flaunting Hijab – signed by a major modeling agencies.

A prowess contestant of Miss Minnesota USA 2016 was shinning her dauntless beauty covered top to toe in Hijab even during swimsuit part of the competition.

“I wear Hijab everyday” – Aden noted to one of the reporters.

Hijab – one of the clearest sign of visibility defining Islamic culture thereafter came into mainstream through advertisements, Media giants and fashion firm strongly promoting the style of headscarf on major fronts.

Fashion model and former refugee Halima Aden.

American Eagle Outfitters Inv, one of the top teen apparel maker company in USA’s editor in chief, Michelle Lee said that:” “She is someone who is so amazingly representative of who we are as America, as a melting pot it totally made sense for us,”

Born in Kakuma, United refugee camp in Kenya, Aden shifted to United Nations when she was just 7. Reviving her refugee camp times she says:” “Different people, different refugees from all over Africa came together in Kakuma. Yet we still found a common ground.”

Her ultimate goal is to be a Role model for all Muslim Youths of America.

”I am doing me and I have no reason to think that other people are against me,” Aden said. “So I just guess I‘m oblivious.”

Fashion model and former refugee Halima Aden.

5 interesting facts about her:

  • Aden was born in Kenyan refugee camp.
  • First ever Hijab wearing model to sign with IMG models.
  • With her Hijab she rocks the runway with her braces too.
  • She is the future Fashion Icon – according to a former chief editor of Vogue Paris.
  • First Hijab wearing Model to appear on Cr fashion book covers.




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