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WhatsApp Co-Founder Brian Acton is leaving Company for Something New

WhatsApp Co-Founder Brian Acton is leaving Company for Something NewBusiness


In a Facebook post of September 13, the co-founder of the Whatsapp mention his future plans and leaving the company, he also mentioned that he is leaving for something that he desires for a long time.

The Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg himself liked his post on Facebook that drew the attention of many other people, Whatsapp was co-founded by Brian Acton and his friend, co-worker Jan Koum in 2009, they used to work for Yahoo before, then they decided to develop something on their own, later the Whatsapp was bought by Facebook for $19 billion in cash and stock.

Acton said in his facebook post that “After 8 years at WhatsApp, I have decided to move on and start a new chapter in my life. I am very fortunate at my age to have the flexibility to take new risks and focus on what I’m passionate about. I’ve decided to start a nonprofit focused at the intersection of nonprofit, technology and communications. It’s something I’ve thought about for a while, and now it’s time to just focus and execute.

I’ll have more to share in the coming months. This decision is, of course, a tough one. I’m proud of what our team has accomplished in only a few years, and it’s humbling to see that so many people rely on WhatsApp every day.”

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