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Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 10:39 PM

Why Dubai is attracting Indian Investors?


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Dubai’s real estate sector has been able to attract a big number of Indian investors. Indians have been emerged as the top foreign investors in Dubai real estate since 2012. In 2015 Indians invested AED 20 billion in Dubai real estate this is equal to 36000 crores in Indian rupee. Now let us try to understand why Dubai is attracting Indian Investors.

Regulated Market

Dubai Real estate is strictly following rules and regulation. No fraud or misguiding has been reported from Dubai. On the contrary India has witnessed Amrapali case, big developers with the capacity to hire costliest brand ambassador is failed to keep their promise. These incidents leave a negative impression on prospect buyers specially it disturbs the sentiments of NRI Investors.

Secure Investment

Property Buyers are assured of getting high returns on their investment. Government will not ask any income tax on the return of investment. Being a crime free country investors are confident about the security of their property whether they are living in the country or not. There is no property embezzlement in Dubai.


World class urban amenities are available in Dubai. Be it public transport, energy resources, civil security, health care or leisure facilities Dubai is providing all facilities to the citizens. In the era of globalization people are thinking in broad perspective before making investment decision. Buying property in home town gives emotional satisfaction but buying property in global city is a promise of high returns in future.

Safe High rise

The world is moving towards High rise residential & commercial buildings but when it comes on safety parameters Dubai’s ranking is on top. The country has advanced firefighting system. The country is also obtaining sustainability parameter for new constructions. With all the modern development Dubai is a less polluted city.  Everybody wants to live and breathe in a safe climate. Clean climate of Dubai also acts as an advantage for investors.

Property management facilities

In Dubai many firms are managing properties on behalf of property owner. These firms are taking care of communication related to civil bodies like municipality, electricity & water department plus they are monitoring tenants also. These firms are taking cent percent responsibility of property including rental affairs, repairs and bill payments. So the expat owner is free from the all the worries. If the owner got transferred in any other country or he has to go back to the home, these companies will act as his representative & he would get lucrative rental yields.

Close proximity

Dubai has a close proximity with India. There are 700 weekly flights between India and Dubai. This proximity gives a different kind of confidence to investors. Most of the investors considered Dubai as a second home.

Expert comment

There are many reasons why Indians are interested in investment in Dubai. First thing an investor look for is return on investment. At present Dubai is promising High returns on real estate investment. Gross rental yields are highest in the world in Dubai. The average rental yields are over 7 percent. It is higher than cities like Hong Kong and London. Off course one of the most important reasons is urban amenities available in Dubai & the other thing is employment and business opportunities available in Dubai.  Anybody would love to invest in a city where he thinkshe can earn, live & enjoy in future. At present Dubai is promising all three.

Ismail Al Hammadi

Managing director, Al Ruwad real estate





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